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Real Wood MurphyBEDs and StudyBEDs™

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Delivery, assembly, and installation Included     -    In-home design consultation with every order

Murphy Bed opens and closes easily.
Beautiful, space-saving MurphyBED easily opens and closes.
-- Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King. --
Full-sized Murphy Bed
A full-sized MurphyBED shown with optional display shelves, drawers, wardrobe closet, desk, lighting, and crown moulding.
-- Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King. --
Twin StudyBED™
Amazing StudyBED™ opens and closes wiith everything still on the desk.
-- Available in Twin, Full, and Queen. --
Watch our video to see how easy it is to open our Murphy Bed.


  • NEED MORE SPACE? Need a guest room AND a home office? A MurphyBED or StudyBED™ can help.
  • Great for Studio Apartments and Rental Units as well. A living space by day. A bedroom by night.
  • Every bed and piece of accompanying furniture is made from real furniture-grade wood. We do not use melamine-covered particleboard.
  • Every piece is individually tailored to your selections.
What is a MurphyBED?
Murphy Beds are known by a variety of names: Murphy Beds, panel beds, and wall beds are the most common. Essentially a Murphy Bed is a real bed that simply closes up inside a cabinet to save space. When not in use, the entire bed is out of the way cleverly disguised as cabinetry or a piece of furniture. When the bed is needed, it simply rotates down and is ready to use in literally seconds. The sheets and blankets can be stored right on the bed. Just add pillows and it's lights out time for your guests. Our modern Murphy Beds use standard mattresses. They are not the fold-up style, or ultra-thin space savers, or special high-price items. You can select any standard mattress that you already have, or purchase one from your local mattress store to your liking. We know your guests will be happy sleeping on a real mattress.
What is a StudyBED™?
A StudyBED™ is a revolutionary variation and design of a Murphy Bed. The desk is turned into a bed without the need to be cleared first. This is made possible by the unique movement of this intelligent hardware system, which operates like a parallelogram. It ensures that the table top is always in a horizontal position. it glides downward without anything sliding or falling off. When the bed is folded down, there is plenty of room between the table top and the bed for a computer, books, and more. There is over 17" of clearance. The next morning, the bed is folded away again and disappears into the rear panel of the furniture. The fully operational desk reappears, on which everything is arranged as it was the previous evening.
  • Eliminate the middleman. Buy Factory Direct.

  • Our pricing includes manufacturing, assembly, delivery, and installation of your Murphy Bed.

  • All you do is provide a standard mattress of your choice. Murphy Beds of Florida does the rest.

  • Real Furniture Starts With Real Wood - No Particle Board or Melamine.